Cameron EspositoIf you’ve never heard of Cameron Esposito before, well get ready, because Jay Leno considers her “the future of comedy.”

The Chicago comedian made her network television debut earlier this week on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson. A relaxed Leno watched with Mr. Ferguson and playfully heckled her from the sidelines. They even called themselves Statler and Waldorf , the two old men from The Muppets, (just in case you happened to have been born under a rock or something). It was all fun and games, though, while Esposito played well with the two legends of comedy.

Esposito may have only performed her routine for a couple of  minutes but she went over quite an array of topics. She spoke about the differences since moving from Chicago to L.A, growing up as lesbian in the suburbs, and Jay Leno’s obsession with cars and denim ( but mostly denim).

Leno and Ferguson joked that the time for straight male hosts is up.

“White Men are on their way out!” Leno shouted, while Ferguson cheered her on with a “Lesbians rule!”

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