Bryan Bruner is a real guy’s comic. He feels your pain from when you drunkenly fall off the chair and hurt your pride. He feels the strain in your wallet when you go to the cupboard and discover that you’re out of Doritos. If your looking for a comparison, Bruner might best be described as a poor man’s Nick Swardson. And by poor I mean that it’s likely he doesn’t have gas money until he finishes his set and it’s likely he still owes his pot dealer fifty bucks. He has a boyish, frat boy humor about him.

His comedy, however, is never cheap. Because of these constant threats—that may or may not be true, we’ll never tell—it’s a fact that Bruner needs to be funny if he’s ever going to get into the black. And he delivers on his album, in conjunction with Rooftop Comedy Productions, entitled “Welcome to Dijbouti.”

Bruner tackles topical things that are native to young comics, and he delivers lines so concisely funny it’s easy to miss. When suggesting that he wanted to audition for one of his favorite shows, Deadliest Catch, his argument was, “Isn’t this a show about a bunch of men trying to catch crabs?” But that’s not the only fire that Bruner plays with. Bruner is an impassioned drinker. A seasoned pro, you might say. He recounts that he often drinks so much that he throws up. When he talked to a doctor about it he was told that he might be an alcoholic. He replies, “And I was relieved because this whole time I thought I had bulimia.”

Bruner is a man of his time. He talks to the crowd in Appleton, Wisconsin about their affinity for the much beloved Green Bay Packers. He talks about how broke America is and the recent credit downgrading. “We can’t afford to go to space anymore,” he says. “America can’t go out. We gotta stay home and watch Netflix.”

While America’s broke so is he. Two examples of his brokedom are particularly great. The first, “The power didn’t get shut off, I’m just Amish this week.” The second is that he learned Spanish because, “That’s three more channels before I have to start paying for cable.” I know your pain, amigo. I know your pain. He also takes a shot at social networking. “Myspace is deader than Amy Winehouse.” (Please note that while that joke is particularly true and hysterical, Bruner has a Myspace which you can visit here.)

Bruner has a very classical sense of humor and patterned rhythm that help him deliver timely and funny jokes. Whether talking about a midget comic friend of his, a lacking sexual prowess or the time he saw a heroine addict collapse next to him at McDonald’s, Welcome to Djibouti has a wide ranging topical stand-up set fueled by a gregarious and energetic comedian that demands attention.

For more of Bruner’s comedy, follow him on Twitter @BryanBrunerUno.

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