by Alex Schildgen

(Editor’s Note: Content in this article contains profanity that may not be suitable for all readers.)

If you hate news and if you’ve finally realized that it’s all just a bunch of bullshit then you’ll love BrokenWorldNews.Com. They basically do what every other news company does, make shit up.

Instead of a bunch of morbid half-facts these guys are giving the people what they really want in news like talking pigs, anti-hero canines’ and a bull riding Pope.

Trashing O’Reilly, Kim Jong Un

The sites most recent story is an update on Bill O’Reilly’s new stance on bestiality and according to their inside scoop his basic premise on the whole sexuality thing is, “I’m a trisexual and I’m ready to try anything.”

Right behind the Bill O’Reilly and bestiality story is an update on the new Kim Jong Un caricature and it’s newfound popularity as the Pentagon’s unofficial mascot.

I’m really not sure what’s funnier, the snarky tone and overall ridiculousness of the content on BrokenWorldNews.Com or the people who have no clue that it’s a mock news site. Perhaps that’s the magic of it all, people actually believe headers that basically scream out, “Hey fuck face, it’s a joke.”

broken world news

BrokenWorldNews.Com does have a disclaimer that states, “If you believe any of the shit you read here you are a freaking moron,” but really they should encourage moronic morons to tramp all over the site; it makes good reading.

In the comment box of one story titled, “Stunned Amanda Knox terrified she will slip up and tell he truth at murder re-trial” a loyal WordPress junkie commented, “She is guilty. I’m disappointed the Italian justice system failed to properly handle this case.” Can’t take a joke?


It’s a fairly new site but they’ve managed to beef up to a few total pages of archival content just since the middle of March. If your overall tone toward the news and worldly issues is malaise and you always wanted to give them a good ol’ fashioned, “f-you and have a nice day” then BrokenWorldNews.Com is the perfect site for you to have a reliable influx of non-factual information. Follow the founder and lead writer on Twitter @FisherKingArmy.