He is funnier than ever with all new material, his tongue is just as sharp and he is ready to roast you like a Thanksgiving turkey. He is Bobby Slayton and he is back in Vegas. His new “not for the faint of heart” act began Thursday at Hooter’s casino and would run through April 2.

Slayton has gained “The Pitbull of Comedy” nickname for a reason. His merciless tongue lashing, sarcastic comebacks and f-bombs leave no one unscathed. At his gala opening Tuesday night many great comedians came to welcome him back to Sin City. A hilarious tribute from Robin Williams, Jay Leno, Don Rickles, Ray Romano, Howie Mandel, Lewis Black, The Smothers Brothers, Carrot Top and Penn & Teller sent the audience into a laughing fit. They all seemed to have the same question on their minds: “Why had he sunk so low to perform at Hooters?”

During his 80 min stand-up Slayton covered many topics trying (and succeeding) to be as politically incorrect as possible.

“There’s no better place on Earth than Hooters to launch my return to Vegas,” Slayton said. “Hooters is basically everything I want in one place: gaming, booze, chicken wings and Hooters. If they put in a putting green and cigar shop, they could just change the name to nirvana.”

Slayton is a frequent guest on The Adam Carolla Show and has recently appeared on Showtime’s “Born To Be Bobby,” a one-hour stand-up comedy special. He’s number 80 on Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Stand-ups Of all Time.

Check out Bobbly Slayton’s stand up, courtesy of YouTube! NSFW