comedian Bo BurnhamBo Burnham has already made a name for himself in the comedy world as a barely out of high school musical comic. He treats his comedy as more of a crafted one man show rather that pure stand-up which gives him a unique point of view that any theatre geek can appreciate.

Burnham fans can soon expect him to appear on the network known for it’s comedic insight and standards for turning out wholesome role models. You all know I’m talking about MTV.

MTV has green-lighted the production of Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous, a mockumentary about a kid who graduates from high school and hires a film crew to film him so he can become famous. It’s in good humor that the network agreed to pilot this show that clearly makes fun of it’s most successful genre of entertainment-reality tv.

Burnham and co-writer Dan Lagana talked to Deadline.Com about the show: “The idea is of a kid who is filming his own life, and since he has control, we can see multiple takes as he is trying to make himself more appealing by thinking that you have to act like you are famous in order to be famous,” Burnham said. “He is the director and the star of a reality show.” Burnham cites a survey of 18- to 25-year-olds asked what they want to be in life. The winning “profession” by a wide margin — being famous. “People aspire to fame as if it’s a career,” Lagana said.

Burnham has had great success with being famous right of high school himself. He created and uploaded comedy videos that he started posting at 16.The success is apparent since they have garnered more than 70 million views to date.

He pulled out of college to begin his comedy career and has been touring  in the U.S. and internationally for the last three years. He has done a Comedy Central special and recently won the network’s  Stand-Up Showdown. For more information check out the article:

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