Comedian Bill MaherTelevision host and political commentator, Bill Maher may be good at what he does, but is he good enough to win the votes?

At the moment, Maher is number 38 on Comedy Central‘s 100 greatest stand-ups of all time, but he has yet to win a Prime Time Emmy Award. No one dead or alive in the TV industry has ever been nominated for an Emmy as many times as Maher and still fallen to defeat. Even icons such as Angela Lansbury who has 0 wins out of 18 nominations still doesn’t beat Maher’s  26-no-win nominations.

Being a part of first Comedy Central’s and then ABC’S Politically Incorrect in 1993-2002 and HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher that has been on since 2003, has proven his dedication to speaking to his audience about real issues with a kick of wit.

While being interviewed by Deadline TV Contributor Ray Richmond, Maher views the entire thing with a good sense of humor. When Deadline comically remarked about the TV Academy not thinking him worthy for wins Maher responded, “Yes, I think I get it now. And I’m really OK with it. In fact, clearly at this point, winning would only fuck things up. I’d lose all of my street cred.”

Maher considers that his beliefs and open controversial statements may be the reason for his losses since 1995.  He reasonably stated, “Listen, I’m not complaining about it. This does not keep me up nights. I don’t sense a conspiracy afoot. It comes down to people voting their taste, and I’m not the taste preference of a majority. Maybe that’s a good thing.”

Will Maher’s audience show a growth if he tones down the comedic satire? The real question is, does he care enough to win?

Enjoy the Overtime from HBO’s Real Time With Bill Mahr! NSFW!

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