Beth Stelling is a go-gal.

Stelling’s album defines the term “go-gal” as a gal who has been through some shit but isn’t a bitch about it. Upon first listen to Beth Stelling’s debut album, Sweet Beth, one can immediately infer why she is a “go-gal.” Stelling has been the victim to the tragic thievery of her entire backpack full of gold … “comic gold.” She describes graphic, even raunchy, tales of her mother who very clearly comes from a different time.

For instance, Beth’s mom said to her, “Please don’t tell anyone I asked, but why is it called a boner?” Beth replies, “I don’t know why it’s called that, all I know is how good it feels.” Many of her stories of hardship deal with her familial matters as well as her unconventional view of womanhood.

I like Sweet Beth because it is easy to like Beth. Her sweet comedy-with-a-bite act teases women in their twenties and the people who interact with them in ways that no one else has ever done. Her humor is fun to listen to because she just refuses to take shit from people without reminding them to come back down to earth.

In one scene, Beth recounts a time where she goes to the store looking “disheveled.” The man at the counter abruptly asks her, “You play ball?” Stelling reflects, “That’s like saying to a complete stranger, let alone a woman, ‘You’re big! You use that recreationally? Because you should. You’re a huge woman, you should play sports!’” Boom. Just like that, Beth rejects the ideals of modern beauty and, incidentally, tells that dude what’s up.

She makes a lot of jokes about how she does not meet conventional expectations for women regarding topics including but not limited to: appearance, motherhood and dating. Throughout her principled jokes, Stelling never lets the audience forget her most memorable and likeable quality: she’s just so damn cool.

Her comedy is appealing because it is genuine; listening to her album is like listening to a funny friend rant about his/her discontent. She is the kind of comic that you just want to shoot the shit with – relaxed, honest and, best of all, vulgar.

Definitely check out Stelling’s album if you like comedy that surprises you. Where other comics might disappoint in predictable joke structure and content, Beth creates something totally fresh and all her own. Stelling has rocked her debut album, Sweet Beth, incredibly hard.

Sweet Beth is available at RooftopComedy.Com for only $8. Check Beth out on her website and on Twitter and Facebook.

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