comedian Greg GiraldoFamously known for his work on Comedy Central‘s “Roast Specials”, the recently deceased Greg Giraldo was celebrated in L.A. last night in order to gain funds for his wife, Maryann and their four kids.

It was a sad day on September 29th of last year as Giraldo overdosed on prescription medications. In an attempt to help his family financially, comedians have taken the time out of their night to perform for the benefit that occurred Wednesday, June 29th.

The event was dubbed, “Big Time Comedy Show-A Giraldo Family Benefit” and was organized by Marriage Ref host Tom Papa, a very close friend of Giraldo.

More friends of the late stand-up comedian including fellow professionals Jeff Ross, Marc Maron, Brian Posehn, Ralphie May and Daniel Tosh were there in support of Giraldo’s family to perform for the benefit. Host of Tosh.0, Daniel Tosh, was recognized as the funniest comedian of the night during the benefit.

Many people are unaware of 44-year-old Giraldo’s accomplishments as a Harvard Law graduate turned attorney. After about a year of being a lawyer he moved on to comedy, which he had more than the perfect personality for.

The celebrity net worth that Greg Giraldo left to his family after his death was about $3 million which seems strange as to why a benefit would be needed for the family financially. Yet generously, all proceeds of the benefit went to Giraldo’s wife and children according to the Huffington Post.

Check out Daniel Tosh’s stand up comedy, courtesy of! NSFW!

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