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Aziz Ansari Says Stand-Up Is His First Love

"It's the stand-up into which I put most time and thought," Ansari says.

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The edgy comedian asked the stripper questions that male viewers all wanted to know

Gabriel Iglesias Adds India to Tour Location

Fluffy funny man, Gabriel Iglesias is coming to India!

‘Suits That Fly’ – Justin Timberlake Plus ‘Iron Man’ Music Parody

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if "Iron Man" Tony Stark sang a smooth-ass song?

Zach Stone is Gonna Be…Really, Really Annoying

If you'd like to ruin your image of Bo Burnham forever, watch this show

Brian Regan: ‘All By Myself’ Annotated Timeline

This is why I love Brian Regan. He makes me feel less ALL BY MYSELF!

Sarah Silverman’s Fart Party

The short is the perfect tale of love, insight, anger, betrayal and sadness

Seth Meyers Looking Good for ‘Late Night’ Host

The frontrunner for this rumor is SNL head-writer and Weekend Update host Seth Meyers

WitStream: Twitter’s Funniest All in One Place

They take only the best tweets from the funniest people, and make 'em easy to find

FailBlog’s Ugliest Tattoos

Color me ugly

Join Felicia Day in Her ‘Guild’

Web series injects comedy into the world of MMORPGs

Chris Hardwick to Host Late Night Show on Comedy Central

Reno 911 alums Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon to produce

Model Shelby Welinder Interviews on ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ (Photos)

We found some pictures of Shelby online and thought we'd post them below. Enjoy!

Jay Mohr to Host Hulu Game Show, ‘Money Where Your Mouth Is’

Wait till you hear what the game show is about

Comedian David Scott Strives to Break Stand-Up World Record

David Scott, or "Midnight Swinger" as he goes by, is currently in the midst of the longest stand-up comedy routine