Michael Bluth

The wait is over! We’ve finally compiled all the best moments of Michael Bluth for you!

Oh, yeah, and “Arrested Development” season four is finally streaming on Netflix! Ahhhhh!

Anyway, while compiling the moments, I realized that Michael Bluth doesn’t actually have many of his OWN moments. I mean, he does, but a lot of the really epic moments happen with him around, but with somebody else saying the really funny stuff.

But fear not, this is the interwebs. We have dug down into the deepest darkest, most forbidden corners of the interwebs, places you should never go. Ah, I’m just kidding! Come on, it’s our last one! Let’s get into it!

5. The Legendary Cornballer:

For those of you who repeatedly emailed me asking why I haven’t even mentioned the cornballer yet, here’s your answer: I was saving it for this moment! Pop-pop invented this awesome cornballer machine that is completely dangerous and didn’t pass any safety tests at all. Yet everyone keeps using it, every damn time. Speaking of every damn time:

4. Mr. Uncomfortable:

We still have to remember that Michael is a Bluth, afterall, so he’s gonna have a few uncomfortable moments. For all the times that he called out Tobias  for his unfortunate sentence-framing, Michael isn’t exactly the exception to the rule!

3. Daddy’s Disapproval:

While everyone else comes off as super self-centered and maybe a little crazy, Michael does seem a little normal in comparison. However, that doesn’t make him a model parent. When George Michael starts dating the very christian Ann, Michael isn’t that supportive.




2. Forced Laughter:

Forced laughter in this family has actually turned out to be a recognized way of expression! There are more than a few awkward moments that requires a few apt awkward responses:


1. Love Life:

Michael’s love life is sadly the joke that we all like to secretly laugh at. Okay, openly laugh at. I can’t even name each and every woman that Michael either brought home, or more likely, his family got rid of. But hey, that just means more giggles for us, eh? Let’s see the most memorable ones in absolutely no chronological order.

Of course, we remember, Maggie, the blind lawyer. Well, turns out she wasn’t really blind. But, hey it was still exciting for Michael, right?

And then there was Jessie. This was definitely my favorite moment:

And the one that actually seemed rather promising – Marta. If it weren’t for Gob or any of the craziness that followed it, it would’ve probably worked out. Then again, where’s the excitement in something working out, right?

Let’s not forget, the most eventful of his girlfriends, Rita. While it took forever for Michael to actually figure what Rita’s really all about, the amount of fun we had watching that unfold was too damn awesome.

Thanks for sticking around for the most eventful journalistic few days of my life, folks!  If you haven’t already dove headfirst into the oncoming hilarity, feel free to bone up on the best moments we have about the eight other major characters!

(Yes, each one of those words is a shamelessly self-promoting link. Neat how we did that, huh?)