george carlin way, street, named(Editor’s Note: We first reported the street was officially named George Carlin Way, but it still needs the approval of the city council)

Words cannot describe how arduous a process it has been to get a street named after the legendary comedian George Carlin, and even still more votes are needed. We wrote about it in March, and let’s just say special interests groups had their complaints, and a dysfunctional community board either could not find their spine or were unable to create a compromise.

In particular, a Catholic school did not want the block they were located on to be named after a guy who continually remarked that “religion is bullshit.” Understandable, but annoying.

“You are all diseased.  I don’t have any beliefs or allegiances.  I don’t believe in this country,” Carlin said back in 2001. ” I don’t believe in religion, or a god, and I don’t believe in all these man-made institutional ideas.”

Board member Carolyn Thompson said after the new street name was passed, “It’s been a long, hard process. It took more than a year. We finally came to a happy medium.” For the street to officially be named George Carlin Way, the city council will have to approve it.

Carlin, who grew up on 121 St. in Morningside Heights between Amsterdam and Broadway, received approval from the community board thanks to the hard work of people like comedian Kevin Bartini, who led the campaign.

“It’s a huge relief that it went through. I had measured optimism, but then once I gave my address and saw some smiling faces, I felt more optimistic,” Bartini said.

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