SplashNews.com provided the New York Times with yet another “celebrity” to “celebrity” speech on tape.

This time around, well known loudmouth and fan of anything that makes you cringe in your seat comedian Andrew Dice Clay gives Charlie Sheen the helium tank to inflate his already big head.

During an interview with video paparazzi, Clay was asked originally asked about Gilbert Gottfried running his mouth, or hands, on Twitter about Japan’s current crisis. However, he had another dumbass on his mind.

“How about this a—hole that everybody is afraid to say anything to, this f—ing Charlie Sheen, with all his ranting and all the attention he’s getting, maybe he should say something nice, and maybe some kind words to all those people out in Tokyo and to their families while he’s got the f—ing spotlight on him….No one’s got the balls to tell this guy how f—ed up he is.”

During an interview with AOL News, Clay mentioned his use of a mixture of the typical Andrew Dice Clay and “Andrew Silverstein, the Brooklyn-raised Jewish boy who reared two sons on his own for many years.” He also commented how even his own sons, who are 16 and 20 years old, commented that Sheen “is an idiot.”

“I’m not afraid to tell you you’re f—ed up. They do commercials about f—ing drugs all the time. ‘This is your brain on drugs,’ and then they it in the frying pan and show the f—ing egg scrambling. Now they’ve got Charlie Sheen to look at.”

Beneath all of this is an opportunity to finally get a steady paycheck:

“I never watched ‘Two and a Half Men’ before, but I recently saw a couple of episodes and had my people contact producer Chuck Lorre. I could step right in there.”

Check out Andrew Dice Clay talking with the paparazzi, courtesy of YouTube.com!

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