“American Meat Institute” (AMI) president, J. Patrick Boyle, got properly dressed, basted, roasted and sliced up for dinner last week in an interview with Stephen Colbert during his “Better Know a Lobby” segment on “The Colbert Report.” According to AgWired, AMI’s interview with Colbert was two hours long, edited down to a four minute segment for the show.

“Although I’ve had a lot of tough interviews in my day, that was definitely the toughest and most unique interview experience of my career.” — J. Patrick Boyle

Colbert introduced the topic of “meat” with a rewrite of the “Pledge of Allegiance” to an American flag constructed of bacon, with a “Slim Jim” for the pole.

“I pledge allegiance to the meat of the United Steaks of America. And to the ribeye for which it broils, one bacon under God, with liver and onions for all!” — Stephen Colbert

The actual interview kicked off with Colbert chomping an enormous turkey leg and concluded with Colbert asking “J. Pat” if there were no more meat in America, would he endorse cannibalism.

AgWired reports that Boyle said, “I was honored to play straight man to the hilarious Stephen Colbert and to demonstrate that while meat processing is serious business, we can be good sports.”

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